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From The Classroom To Your App

The HomeFit+ team offers a diverse background that is built to have each individual Move More and Move Well.
The workouts and programs within the HomeFit+ App adhere to the principles of Applied Functional Science®.  These principles have been utilized in the academic world  and applied within various clinical environments.
That is the power of HomeFit+, Movement Professionals from  around the world have proven  the results of the workouts and programs within the app. 


About Dynamic Performance & Recovery

Dynamic Performance & Recovery was established in 2000, and has served scholastic athletes to seasoned athletes in the Syracuse, NY area.  Dynamic Performance & Recovery designs programs that integrate mindset, movement, and recovery to accelerate results.

Dynamic Performance & Recovery exists to help  those it serves to Move More and Move Well so they can lead fulfilling lives at home, work, and at play!

About Gray Institute®

Gray Institute® is the world’s foremost authority of Applied Functional Science®. Gray Institute® has helped over 250,000 movement professionals accelerate their careers by becoming the Go-To Movement Professional. Our unique content is available in multiple formats: our mobile app, live events, certifications, specializations, mentorship program, online modules, DVDs, and through other functional products and equipment.

Gray Institute® exists to influence the lives of others through movement. Whether you are a movement practitioner or consumer, you will be able to take your knowledge to the next level with Gray Institute®!

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy