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Recovery Tools

Should I Take The Plunge

If you have been surfing the channels lately on recovery strategies there is no doubt you have come across cold therapy. Whether jumping into a cold lake, taking cold showers, or plunging into an Ice Barrel each will offer enormous benefits to enhance your recovery,...

The Evolution Of Mobility Training

Traditionally mobility training has been linked to our bodies ability to move, and thus linked to an individuals physical and biological capacities with very little thought to the cognitive sciences. The DHF Team aligns with the principles of Applied Functional...

What Are The Benefits Of Infrared Heat?

Infrared saunas have increased in popularity as an important tool in overall health and wellness. What is all the sweat about? Below are 5 reasons to incorporate infrared heat into your conditioning program. Relaxation Relaxation is more important to health than most...

3 Pieces Of Equipment Every Home Gym Needs

"It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential the tools should be used in the right way"  - Wallace D. Wattles  Over the last few weeks we’ve been discussing how to take the right steps to effectively implement your new year’s goals. Part of that...

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